Arlo’s Treasure


Arlo finds himself unprepared for the responsibilities of life. With three pups on the way he sets out in search of treasure. What he discovers is treasure he didn’t know existed. Storytellers of all ages will love this tale of adventure and surprise with beautiful undertones around the pursuit of happiness.

Arlo's Treasure - book cover

The Arlo’s Treasure Show

In preschools and schools

Arlo’s Treasure is a beautiful tale that can be integrated into a variety of learning environments. Children, teachers and parents alike will love this modern day classic that will captivate readers and inspires the search for inner treasure. 

The Arlo’s Treasure Show is an interactive show performed by entertainer, author, illustrator Anthony Zarb who will have children captivated, singing and laughing all while addressing a variety of key learning areas! The show addresses curriculum and syllabus requirements in Literacy, Music, Drama as well as wellbeing with a beautiful focus on family values and the true treasures of life! 

Children and parents alike are captivated by this beautiful tale … “have you felt the ripple effect yet?” Discover Arlo’s Treasure in your school today!

Praise for Arlo’s Treasure

Arlo’s Treasure is a delightful tale that will entertain the young and young at heart.

The story explores a young mole family including three young pups (Magnus, Maisy and Cinders) and the everyday experience of living underground and seeking out true happiness. The story highlights the importance of relationships and what makes us joyful.

Anthony Zarb, writer and illustrator, provides an enchanting underground tale that we can all relate to. This book is worth reading to your kids and a reminder to us all to appreciate what we have.

Dimity Mullane, Penrith City Council

A little gem of a book with beautiful illustrations, Arlo's Treasure takes you on a journey of adventure and suspense, and leaves you with a message about love and the true meaning of family.

A perfect children's bedtime story.

Rylee Anthony and Joanne Randall

Arlo is just gorgeous and it’s exciting to go on an adventure with him. What he discovers on that journey is both priceless for him… and your kids.

Highly recommend!

Sarah Mason, Network TEN’s Studio 10 Entertainment Producer

My daughter is in the middle of reading it. Shianna started reading it last night, to calm her down, whilst im in hospital, starting today. I suggested it and at 15 yrs old, she is loving it. I will start reading it, when I get home.
Thankyou Ant. Saying goobye to her this morning, was so much easier ❤

Michelle Scully

It’s a stunning little book. Archie loves it. It actually bought a little tear to my eye.

Jayde Duncan

Arlo’s Treasure, the book is a gift for all to read – and when they understand, they tell their friends, too, creating little ripples of love around the world.

Tanya Alexander

A gorgeous book. It is a beautifully illustrated story.

Marion Sturges

Excited to have received my copy today and love the family morals and values and themes in it … great reading for big kids too and I can’t wait to read to read it with my nephews.

Mavric Patos

Engaging, fun, a lovely story with a hidden moral.

We had the pleasure of having Anthony visit our preschool to present his book and show.

The children loved listening to the story. Anthony sat down at the children’s level, read his story to them and talked to them about the hidden meaning in the story. Later he had everyone participating in the songs, dancing around the room and ‘playing’ his guitar.

Highly recommended for preschool and lower primary ages.

Meegan Cox, Stroud Preschool

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